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Wildcrafted Botanicals by Rooted Remedies
Wildcrafted Botanicals by Rooted Remedies
Wildcrafted Botanicals by Rooted Remedies
Wildcrafted Botanicals by Rooted Remedies
Wildcrafted Botanicals by Rooted Remedies
Wildcrafted Botanicals by Rooted Remedies
Wildcrafted Botanicals by Rooted Remedies

Wildcrafted Botanicals by Rooted Remedies

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Happy to bring our Rooted Remedies products to our online shop!

Rooted Remedies is a small batch apothecary based in the Pacific Northwest. Bridging science and tradition, each product is carefully formulated to help bring balance and vitality. Rooted Remedies has a range of remedies including tinctures, seasonal drinking vinegars, whole plant aromatherapy, teas, and more. RR also offera custom remedies and subscription CSA boxes. 

Ethically wild-crafted and organically grown botanicals are hand-picked at peak season for the freshest in 100% pure, toxin-free self care and wellness products. At least 40% of the herbs are wildcrafted by Kassaundra, using sustainable and ethical practices, the other portion are sourced from local farms with similar values in caring for the environment and doing our part to minimize our impact on the Earth and decrease our carbon footprint. .

Rooted Remedies' goal is to help you reconnect with the nourishment found in nature through high quality herbal remedies, while easily integrating it into your daily life. All organic, ethically wild-harvested.

**All ingredients were sourced within 300 miles of Portland, OR


Now Proudly Offering: 


Forest Bathing Aromatherapy Roll-on 10ml

Have you ever walked or stood in a sunlit forest? The earthy aromas coming to life with the warmth of the sun. Feelings of vitality and groundedness intertwine, and a sense of spacious calm washes over you. This is Forest Bathing. 

 The term emerged in Japan in the 1980s as a physiological and psychological exercise called shinrin-yoku (“forest bathing” or “taking in the forest atmosphere”). The purpose was twofold: to offer an eco-antidote to tech-boom burnout and to inspire residents to reconnect with and protect the country’s forests.

 The Japanese quickly embraced this form of ecotherapy. In the 1990s, researchers began studying the physiological benefits of forest bathing, providing the science to support what we innately know: time spent immersed in nature is good for us. While Japan is credited with the term shinrin-yoku, the concept at the heart of the practice is not new. Many cultures have long recognized the importance of the natural world to human health.

 Made entirely with wild harvested plants to bring the essence of the PNW forests to you with love. 

Western Red Cedar emanates a grounding energy

Cottonwood lifts the spirit

Yarrow is the bridge between the cosmos and earth

Suggested Use: Roll some oil on your neck, wrists, and chest when you want to be transported back to the calm vitality of the woods. 

Ingredients: sunflower oil*, jojoba oil*, western red cedar^, cottonwood buds^, yarrow^, essential oils of juniper*, cedarwood*, vetiver*, rose*, palo santo*, and sandalwood*


Sunshine on a Cloudy Day Aromatherapy Roll-on 10ml 

This therapeutic oil is full of cooling antioxidants that can soothe inflamed emotions and uplift the Spirit. Infused with Peppermint, it is a vibrant, cheery aroma that is sure to help any mental or emotional stagnancy flow a bit smoother. Suggested Use: Roll some oil on your neck, wrists, and chest when needing an energetic lift. This oil is especially lovely on overcast days and those mornings when you just don't want to get out of bed. 

Ingredients: sunflower oil*, jojoba oil*, peppermint*, yarrow^, essential oils of lemongrass*, clary sage*, tulsi*, and sandalwood*



Fire Cider Drinking Vinegar 4oz

This traditional folk remedy that has been enjoyed in Autumn for centuries as an immune tonic. Fire Cider is spicy, invigorating, and delicious! Our version is made with ethically wildcrafted herbs for an extra potent remedy. Suggested Use: 1 tbsp every 3 hours at the onset of cold-like symptoms. Works great in conjunction with our Elderberry Syrup for fortifying the immune system during the colder/darker months of the year.

Ingredients thyme', oregano', onion*, turmeric*, lemon*, orange*, rosemary', cayenne*, ginger*, horseradish*, burdock root^, nettles^, red clover^,  raw PNW honey*, apple cider vinegar*


Elderberry Syrup Drinking Vinegar 4oz

Elderberry syrup has a long history of being used to support the immune system during the cold, dark months of Winter. This formula is packed with nutritive herbs full of mineral and vitamins that will give your body the support it needs. Contains honey and is not safe for children under 1 year. Suggested Use: 1tsp daily

Ingredients: raw honey*, water, elderberry^*, cinnamon sticks*, nettle^, rosehips^, yarrow^, ginger*, astragalus*, burdock*, cloves*, calendula*, reishi', lions main*


Ground Down Tincture 2oz

This formula is full is of herbs that support, nourish, and build the nervous sytem. In this modern age, it is easy to get lost in the overstimulation and overwhelmed. Use this blend to soften your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and sink a little deeper into the seat of your spine.

 Milky Oat Tops are a tonic for the nervous system

Chamomile relaxes and calms the nerves

Rose supports being heart centered and soothes the nerves

Hops is a relaxing nervine

Kava Kava helps reduce anxiety and calm tension

Suggested Use:  .5 - 1 dropperful throughout day for a general calming and relaxing effect

Ingredients: cane alcohol*, coconut sourced glycerin*, water, milky oat tops*, chamomile*, hops*, kava kava*, roses^, yarrow^, licorice*


Dandelion-Orange Bitters Tincture 2oz

Full of nourishing bitters that help stimulate your digestive juices, and well as mineral dense herbs, supporting your body in breaking down and absorbing more nutrients, while supporting a balanced microbiome. 

Burdock is a classic alterative, supports the body process and eliminate waste and strengthen the liver and kidneys

Dandelion is a digestive bitter full of vitamins and minerals

Stinging Nettle is rich in minerals and a general tonic

Plantain is cooling and astringent for internal inflammation 

Bitter Orange stimulates appetite and digestion

 Suggested use:.5-1 dropperful before a meal or throughout the day for maintenance

Ingredients: cane alcohol*, coconut sourced glycerin*, water, burdock root*, dandelion root^, dandelion leaf^, stinging nettles^, ginger*, plantain^, yarrow^, licorice*, bitter orange peel*