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WILDEHAUS Soil, Amendments and Fertilizer

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Our Wildehaus Brand Soil and Amendments are now available for purchase!

Our Houseplant Soil Mixture is exactly what you need for your indoor plants at home. We begin with the highest quality organic potting soil and then we add the best amendments for your houseplants. Orchid bark and pumice stone both provide the space in the soil your plants' roots need to breathe and properly absorb the nutrients in the soil. And don't forget we have added organic Sea Kelp and Earthworm Castings to gently feed your plants so need to add fertilizer when you pot up! Our plants literally eat this stuff up. Take home a bag today!

Our Cactus/Succulent Potting Mix goes heavy on the Pumice stone to better aid in drainage for those water mising Cacti and Succulents we all love so much. Since these plants have very small root systems, this mix is just as beneficial for physically supporting these types of plants as it is nourishing them and keeping their roots healthy.

Our selection of WILDEHAUS brand soil Amendments and Fertlizer includes: Orchid Bark, Pumice stone, Leca, Earthworm Castings and Sea Kelp. With these you can create your own blend at home with your store bought soil. Happy Planting!