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Ficus Alii - Braided

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The Alii Ficus makes an excellent indoor plant for bright light areas in the home. It is an ornamental fig native to the warm climates of China, India and Southeast Asia. First offered as Ficus Maclellandii in the late '80's it's referred to as "King" due to the name "Alii" meaning "King" in Hawaiian.

You’ll find these upright growing ficus trees as small tree form, or as the one we have in stock, with braided stems. Its popularity grew due to its ability to adapt to growing indoors. It's slower growing that other Ficus varieties (Lyrata, Elastica, Benjamina). It prefers to be pot bound and can grow to be up to 10’ feet tall with leaves around 3” to 10” long.


These house plants can do well in medium light to bright light. However, it is better to give partial shade, avoid direct sunlight and overexposure.

If you keep your Alii Fig in very shaded spots or low light, it will take much longer to produce new growth.

A good way to combat this and make sure plants get enough light is to rotate the plant weekly. Even amounts of bright indirect light help maintain Alii’s shape.


Ficus maclellandii is tolerant of temperature fluctuations but should ideally be kept in temperatures that are between 60° – 85° .


Avoid overwatering ficus trees or expect leaf drop. Be careful not to let Ficus Alii sit in water.

Wait until the top inch or so of the soil has dried out after thoroughly watering again.

If there is any excess water left at the bottom, make sure you drain the excess water immediately.

Due to the size and nature of this plant we recommend it is Local Pickup Only.