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Anthurium Veitchii - King Anthurium

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The biggest of all the Anthurium is Anthurium Veitchii. This is a stunningly gorgeous species that hails from Colombia. It is one of the largest epiphytic Anthuriums, growing on trees instead of in the ground, and the leaves can easily get up to 4-6 feet long in good conditions.



These plants are epiphytes in nature and will be found growing on tree branches, growing in predominantly filtered light.

Indoors, don’t be afraid to provide some direct sun (especially during winter time), but being careful not to expose your plant to too much.

An eastern exposure window, with gentler morning sun, would be ideal. If you have any windows that are very sunny, you may wish to diffuse the direct sun with sheer curtains or blinds.


These are not drought tolerant plants and should be watered freely. Of course, this goes hand in hand with being able to provide a nice, open, airy potting mix since they grow as epiphytes in nature, typically attached to trees.

Aim to provide a moist potting mix that dries out somewhat, but not completely.

Always soak your plant thoroughly when you do water.

Use a well draining aroid / houseplant mix that includes amendments to allow the plant roots to breathe. WILDEHAUS brand Houseplant mix is perfect for your new Anthurium Veitchii!


6" size available. Shipping Available May - November.