Diamond Eye Wall Planter Wholesale

The Diamond Eye Wholesale Planter

We created a wall planter for those narrow spaces where a plant would be perfect - but how to hang? Enter: The Diamond Eye. Many times this space is in the very best light too. The Diamond Eye Wall Planter makes plants in this kind of space possible and only requires one nail to hang. A Pair of Diamond Eyes make excellent sconces for a larger space. Made from the same triangles we use in our Tall Boy Plant Stand, your wall color will come through the design. Holds a 5.5" nursery pot or a 6.5" or larger decorative pot can sit on top of the hoop. 

Coordinating pottery is available for purchase.


38”H x 11”W x 7.5”D

MSRP $109

Wholesale $65 (40% off Retail)


Popular colors: 

Blush, Hot Pink, Yellow

See enclosed palette of all available colors.