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Alocasia - Cuprea - Red Secret

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Alocasia Cuprea (Red Secret)'s leaves are coppery green in color with purple undersides and have a rigid, plastic-like look. This look sets Alocasisa Cuprea apart from the other Alocasia species. So if you like plants with big shiny leaves then this might be the perfect match for you!

Alocasia Cuprea can suit every corner of your house, and is easy to care for.

Soil: Needs well-draining soil. It’s an average plant in this care area. Use a well draining soil with amendements allowing the roots to breathe. Our Wildehaus brand houseplant mix is perfect for Alocasias. 

Light: Alocasia Cuprea needs indirect light to grow and remain healthy. The beautiful leaves of this Mirror plant are prone to fading when exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period. Always note that: how much or how little light the plant receives can affect the hue of its leaves because its chlorophyll will deplete if it is not exposed to sunlight. So for a richer color on Cuprea's leaves, place your plant in a location that can receive bright indirect light. 

Watering: Average watering - when the top half of the soil is dry. 


Shipping available May - November.